Data Thinking

We design your individual cloud solution.


Software as a Service (SaaS) and Data as a Service (DaaS) in the cloud

Satellite Data Analysis

Satellite data processing and analysis for monitoring of forests and agricultural areas.

Application of Blockchain Technology

Modelling food supply chain traceability

Digital Solutions

Digital twin technology for automation of process workflows

Simulation & Visualization

Fluid dynamics simulation in industrial processes and particle simulation in the environmental sector.

Image Recognition

Machine learning methods

Platform & App Development

Application development and cloud solutions for acquisition and processing of data.



GreenAlert provides risk assessment and alert functionality and supports decision making in case of wildfire hazards. By combining different data sources, the application optimizes risk analyzes and mitigation measures. GreenAlert can be extended to various use cases, such as prediction of extreme weather-caused damage and post-event analytics.

Few Words About Us

We are an innovative and interdisciplinary team in a young company in the field of Data Science dedicated ambitiously to the digital transformation making use of scientific tools and methods such as machine learning, deep learning and simulation. We develop your individual strategy in the cloud.

A wide spectrum of skills and experience

Cross-cultural competence due to international cooperation

Passion for our work

Entrepreneurial spirit and creativity


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